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Agency: Alkemy X
Client: Target/ DiscoveryNetworks – “Back To School”
Category: Social Media, Video & Animation

Each of these two spots for Target were co-branded collaborations with HGTV and Food Network respectively. Alkemy Director/DP, James Bartolomeo, worked from concept through complete while also served as Creative Director/Writer.

Target and HGTV both empower kids to excel in school with a new approach to studying at home that keeps all the important things right where you need them and makes homework time more fun, creative, and organized. The family works together in a flurry of shots that culminates with a selfie in front of their efforts. The selfie transitions onto the tablet, and a moment later we’re into the carousel of key back-to-school products. 

Target and Food Network hack school lunches with fresh ideas that make school lunches easy, fun, and irresistible.  The kitchen counter becomes a lunch-making laboratory as the family preps the first school lunch together before the kids depart. Dad grabs a photo of the kids on their bikes which transitions to the carousel of back-to-school products.