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Agency: AB&C
Production/Post: Alkemy X
Client: University of the Sciences – “Proven Everywhere”
Category: Consumer TV

This spot for The University of the Sciences showcases the imagination and ingenuity found in the careers of USciences alumni. Together with AB&C, Alkemy Director Jordan Fein, worked with USciences students playing the roles of professionals in the field as a means for allowing the authenticity of the science to come directly from those who spend their lives in this world. This spot is driven by a designed light effect that was carefully choreographed between the live action shoot and our visual effects team. As the light interacts with each person or scenario, it takes on a quality specific to the action at hand undulating through each space. The final moments in the film, bring us back down to reality with no more magic light. But in a well-designed space for our final moment, the light is now physical, internalized and proud.