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Agency: Defy
Category: Branding, Digital, Graphic Design, Print Design, Social Media, Video & Animation, Web design

APTHCRY came to Defy for an evolution: the up-and-coming bespoke brand needed a comprehensive visual and messaging system that both reflected its early successes and set the stage for future growth.

As APTHCRY customers ourselves, this project was right in our wheelhouse.

We began with a strategy, identifying the practices, vibes, and values that set APTHCRY apart from its competition.

Then, we leaned into that brand DNA, creating a fresh, vibrant visual system that paid homage to the brand’s roots in streetwear and sneaker culture. Stickers featuring lines like “Classic Cures” and “Rare Remedies” were a nod to APTHCRY’s role as a modern-day apothecary, offering up reliable essentials side by side with hyper-stylized limited-edition drops.

Now live on a variety of high-traffic assets including a refreshed company website, the evolved APTHCRY brand system pushes creative boundaries, providing the brand a ramp for further growth while remaining true to its roots.