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Agency: Defy
Client: EvoShield
Category: Multi-Platform, Branding, Consumer TV, Digital, Graphic Design, Social Media, Video & Animation

EvoShield, MLB’s official provider of protective gear, partnered with Defy to generate hype for the rollout of Pro-SRZ 2.0—a new line of protective guards designed for elite baseball and softball players of all ages.

Defy approached concepting with a focus on EvoShield’s innovative DNA and future-forward product design, prominently featuring pixelation and movement in the campaign’s visual system. Our chosen tagline—No Doubt. All In.—leaned into the aggressive, confident style Evo’s customers bring to the plate each at-bat.

The campaign rollout included hundreds of traditional and digital assets. Among those that took center stage: a hype video featuring a high-energy script and incorporating The Bolt™, a high-speed camera with a robotic arm. Use of The Bolt™ enabled the capture of exceptionally detailed product footage, which checked an important box for Defy—one of our primary objectives was to showcase the technical superiority of EvoShield’s stable of guards.