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Agency: AmpiFLY
Client: AmpiFLY
Category: Video & Animation

Evolve your thinking. Evolve your approach. Evolve Your Content. On mobile & online there are no more customers only audiences.

The world and advertising have changed permanently, and reaching your audience with the right messaging online and mobile is harder and more critical than ever.

AmpiFLY is a strategy company and video production agency that does just that.

AmpiFLY has an innovative data-centric approach that results in targeted video content that is authentic and interesting to customers. Fundamental to our method is the reality that there no more customers online or on mobile, only audiences, as your customer must choose to watch your advertising content unless you force them too.

On mobile and online, we know that video is the strategy, not a deliverable. AmpiFLY’s process builds relationships between brands and audiences on mobile by creating data-driven content strategies and creative that result in targeted video, AR, and VR content – Content that a brand’s audience will choose to watch.

We begin with a fundamental question: what do brand audiences want and need? From there, we develop a comprehensive data-driven content strategy, applying our expertise in data analysis, marketing, advertising, issue advocacy, entertainment, and narrative filmmaking to produce the final result: strategic video, AR, VR, and entertainment content that immerses audiences in content-driven experiences and fosters a compelling, exclusive, and enduring sense of shared identity.

A couple of months before the Coronavirus pandemic put us all indoors and turned the world upside down – Our team at AmpIFLY got to work making something to about ourselves, our values, our abilities, and our ambitions. Now, we’re all stuck indoors, sometimes with nothing to do but think.

At AmpiFLY, we’re thinking about how to keep evolving. This is who we are. This is what we do.