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Agency: Dream Syndicate
Client: Sheetz - AndCulture
Category: Multi-Platform, ARVR, Digital

If you’ve never been in a Sheetz before, you should. And if there are none in your area, we got you. The Sheetz WebVR Tour opens the doors for people all over the world to visit a Sheetz and experience the unique kicked-up convenience store chain that’s defined itself as a mecca for people on the go.

Ahead of a new store opening in an as-of-yet unserved community, Sheetz wanted to get their potential new customers excited – but also familiar with the store, it’s layout, and the general vibe that sets Sheetz apart from other convenience stores and gas stations. So in collaboration with agency and culture the Sheetz WebVR Tour was born – a photo-real, explorative, interactive preview of an IRL Sheetz run.

We visited two model Sheetz locations and captured 360 stills throughout the stores and exteriors using a Matterport 360 camera. The image data was then stitched together and exported to form the basis of our customized tour. We designed 3D callouts for 17 tour stops, both in-store and out, and shot live-action talent posed as Sheetz employees to fit within 3D frames at each stop, giving a taste of the Sheetz attitude while also explaining what the store has to offer.

The experience was built in A-Frame, a web framework for building virtual reality experiences, and was optimized for mobile and desktop use. The project delivered as a stand-alone, self-contained package, which was embedded in a client micro-site as an iframe.

Over the years we have produced a wide variety of work for Sheetz, so we already understood the brand and were well-versed in the Sheetz ethos. So when they wanted an immersive, made-to-order experience, they knew we had what they needed.

Check it out and see for yourself. Sheetz run and done.