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Agency: Philly Ad Club
Client: Philly Ad Club - DEI Committee
Category: Special DEI Publication

In the Fall of 2019, Philly Ad Club published its first-ever issue focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion as part of a broader effort to tackle these challenges within out industry. As we physically gathered the authors and contributors for a cover photo shoot of that historic publication, none of use could have imagined the year that would unfold before us.

We have chosen to publish the second volume of this special edition because we believe that we, as members of the influential communications industry of Philadelphia, have a responsibility to help determine who we are and where we are headed. How can we get our city, our region, our industry and our nation to a place where we can all benefit from opportunity? How can we get to a place where we can all contribute equally to create opportunity for others?

This special edition features articles from more than twenty industry leaders in response to, “How has the racial reckoning that has taken place over the last year affected you?” In each article we get to learn of these individuals’ pain, hopes, dreams and accomplishments. We’re confident that you’ll find that their responses are powerful, inspiring and provocative.

We hope that this publication is a small step forward to achieving true diversity, inclusion and equity for all. 

Please read end enjoy this special issue here.

For extra copies, please contact Kristin Long, Volunteer Lead at


Co-Editor, David Brown, Assistant Professor and Diversity Advisor to the Office of the Dean, Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University

Co-Editor, Dana Saewitz, Associate Professor of Instruction, Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University