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Agency: Defy
Client: Pennsylvania Association of Realtors®
Category: Multi-Platform, Branding, Digital, Graphic Design, Social Media, Web design

As a member-based organization with a variety of stakeholders, the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors® needed a rebrand with the ability to tell versatile stories to a diverse audience.

We started with a visual system that had a modern feel. To achieve this, we anchored the design in Pennsylvania’s signature “keystone”, using that shape as a masking element and incorporating a dual color palette leading with warm and welcoming shades.

We complemented this system with a conversational and accessible tone (one a Realtor® might use).

Together, the messaging and visuals armed PAR with the toolkit they needed to refresh their presentation and tell compelling stories to Realtors®, consumers, and legislators, all while retaining visual cohesion and increasing brand awareness.