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Agency: Allen & Gerritsen
Client: The Happy Valley Adventure Bureau (formerly known as Central Pennsylvania Convention & Visitors Bureau)
Category: Branding, Consumer TV

The Central Pennsylvania Convention and Visitors Bureau (CPCVB) had a problem: people just don’t take vacations like they used to. More and more Americans feel like we can’t spare the time or the cash to take a trip these days. (And when travel ads always promise the same bland, boring thing… can you really blame them?) If you want to get away from the same old getaway, you have to be bold. Different. Unique. So we developed a new identity that would really put Centre County, PA on the map, and a campaign that was funny and unexpected enough to entice everybody to hit the road.

The CPCVB needed a name to do them justice – something to stand out from everybody else. Because there’s nothing fun about sounding like everybody else. And the folks in Happy Valley are dead serious about fun. So that’s where we started. We played up that juxtaposition, of being fun and serious, wild and bureaucratic all at once. And the result was an identity that felt less like a CVB, and more like Candyland during the Eisenhower Administration. And with that the Happy Valley Adventure Bureau was born.