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Agency: Neff
Client: Chester County Parks + Preservation
Category: Branding, Digital, Graphic Design, Print Design, Social Media, Video & Animation, Web design

Chester County Parks + Preservation oversees select agricultural property, open spaces, and parks + trails in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The organization provides preservation, recreation, education, and stewardship services that allow residents and visitors to connect with nature and the community. Neff partnered with Chester County to restructure the brand and develop a new visual identity to meet evolving needs.

Using an integrated approach, Neff created updated branding to reflect the organization’s updated name and create a more contemporary and vibrant aesthetic. Our team leveraged photography, videography, and social media services to help humanize the brand and show everything the parks, programs and their knowledgable employees have to offer.

Through an extensive brainstorming process, we collaborated to update the organization’s name from “Chester County Parks, Trails, and Open Space Preservation” to the more succinct, “Chester County Parks + Preservation.” Our team developed a responsive logo system with corresponding iconography, color palette, and typography. The updated branding has a bright, welcoming feel through the use of refreshed colors and friendly typography. Neff created a versatile logo system that breaks down into the three divisions of agriculture, open lands, and parks + trails. Each has a unique icon and color that relate to that particular area – yellow and wheat for agriculture, blue and a landscape icon for open lands, and green and a tree icon for parks and trails. These also come together into a shield shape for the main logo.