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Agency: Defy
Client: Boyds
Category: Branding, Digital, Packaging, Social Media, Video & Animation, Web design

Boyds came to Defy to celebrate an 85-year legacy and look towards the next 85. The campaign objective was to develop a bold, sophisticated campaign to celebrate Boyds’ iconic legacy, thank its loyal constituent base, and highlight the luxury retailer’s embrace of evolution as it welcomes a new generation of clients.

Following a strategic assessment, Defy developed a creative concept—“Boyds for Life.”—grounded in Boyds’ four generations of family ownership and sustained client relationships. To unite legacy and new-to-Boyds audiences, Defy paired vintage ads with a fresh new anniversary logo, a new font, and modern fashion photography. The team incorporated a palette of rich jewel tones which made a bold visual statement. A stitching motif also figured prominently in the creative concept, emphasizing Boyds’ precision and meticulous attention to detail.

Video was a centerpiece of the campaign. Over the course of a multi-day on-site shoot, the Defy team captured first-person accounts from Boyds ownership, staff, and clients. Then, they cut together a two-minute edit summarizing everything that contributed to Boyds’ 85 years of success in The City of Brotherly Love. This was augmented with a series of shorter videos, including an ASMR mini-series that amplified the sounds and textures inherent in the Boyds experience.

Billboards, window installations, in-store elements, packaging, direct mail, and digital assets rounded out the campaign. Through these elements, Boyds tells a cohesive, 360-degree story to clients at all touchpoints, and demonstrates that although the brand’s values haven’t changed in its rich 85-year history, its vision is fresh, future-focused, and visionary.