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Ways to Engage : Welcome to the Club

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Ways to Engage : Welcome to the Club



By Kristin Long,

Executive Director at Philly Ad Club


Hello and thanks for visiting.

Whether you’re a job seeker or a joiner we’re thrilled for your readership and we’re going to give you something valuable, here.

Read on.


Sometime in late 2019 the Philly Ad Club hit the pause button to regroup and to reinvent.

The ultimate goal was (and is) to design a great structure and a fun event calendar and to gather plenty of like-minded people.

Our mission is to grow membership, increase engagement and serve the Philadelphia advertising community.

Strong leadership and loyal sponsors kept the wheels on this bus and we were all ready to emerge anew until, well, you know.


And so we Zoom.

Hooray for that, though the pandemic has slowed our rebuild and we are especially challenged to find and to engage … you. 

We know that you have lots of choices for how and where to spend your limited free time.

Sitting in front of a computer screen (sigh) is just one of them.


We’ve got a long list of New Year’s Resolutions and we bet that you do, too.

If “hit the ground running” or “re-enter, guns blazing” make your list, please allow us to be your comeback partner for 2021.


New Here?

Woo-hoo and lucky us!

Fortuitous timing to test drive some of our programs and initiatives as we rebuild a legacy Club.

Check out our Featured Work page and our Membership Directory, you are in excellent company.


Welcome Back!

Hi and boy, how we’ve missed you!

It’s been especially challenging to find and engage with you during this pandemic and yet here we both are.

Let’s find you some great Winter Programs to reconnect with old friends and to meet some new ones, too.!calendar


All About a List

  • LinkedIn

6500 members and counting, LinkedIn is the bomb. Please join our group.


  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Yep, we’re here too, please follow and enjoy.


  • Newsletter

Home Page bottom right, SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER.

Bi-weekly mailing to keep you up to date with events.


  • Website

Event Calendar, Featured Work, Job Listings, Member Directory, Meet the Board.


  • Mentors & Mentees

Big initiative for 2021. Be a mentor, get a mentor.


  • Committees

We are perpetually ISO big thinkers and hand raisers. EMail us, let’s find a good fit.


  • Connect With Our Members

For all the right reasons : Make a friend, get a job, cultivate new clients.


  • Reach out to Me

24/7 availability for your great ideas and suggestions. Thanks for outreach.


  • Contribute

You say how and you say when. We’re growing at the speed of … advertising.


We can’t wait until we’re all together again, to lunch and to learn and to enjoy some creative collaboration.

But until then, we are here for you online.

Sit tight and stay safe, you’re already in the Club.