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Meeting new challenges in her second year

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Meeting new challenges in her second year


Ginger Kochmer, president of Clutch, a creative recruitment agency, is entering her second year, 2019-2020, as president of the Board of Governors for the Philly Ad Club and Philly Ad Club Educational Foundation.


It has been a great pleasure serving as president of the Philly Ad Club this past year and I am looking forward to the next twelve months as the second half of my two-year term. We all know it takes some time to get new initiatives started, but we were able to jump right in with a truly passionate board that was ready and willing to start laying the ground work for some really important challenges – Slowed membership growth; Lack of diversity and inclusion; The need for future planning of the organization; And, updating our programming in four areas that seemed worthy of an immediate push.

Some early on strategic brainstorming within our vast board resulted in excellent planning and insights into these four areas. We are currently in the process of conducting some Professional Research among current members and non-members to find areas we can improve upon that will lead to greater involvement, and interest from the community. We see this information as an avenue to enhanced membership offerings, to elevate programming, and to understanding how to better partner with the community we serve.

We’ve also formed an active committee tackling the challenges of Diversity and Inclusion. We are in the process of identifying a consulting firm to help guide us through this process, so we are able to have measurable success. Strength can be found in Diversity and success can come through enhanced Inclusion and we are looking forward to incorporating this into our strategic plan moving forward.

Our early on brainstorming and strategic development sessions are leading us to a better footing on many other important areas that will help us maintain our position as one of the region’s largest, most vibrant, and active trade associations in Philadelphia and a participating chapter of the American Advertising Federation, based in Washington, DC. We are striving to take our Social Media, Program Development, 2.0 Leadership, Mentoring, and Professional Education Development efforts to a higher level – so we can continue to be the highly respected organization and industry leader we have been for over 70 years.

Thank you to our volunteers, many sponsors, and partner businesses for their insights, dedication and continued support. Also, a special thank you to my Executive Team that has been very supportive during these past 12 months with their ideas, energy, and talents that have resulted in all that we have accomplished to date.

So, everyone, join me and the Philly Ad Club during this next year and reap the benefits of our efforts in continuing to serve our entire membership that make up the tremendously successful Greater Philadelphia Communications Industry.