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Social Media Coordinator

Agency: PentaVision LLC
Specialty: Social Media
Posted: 07.28.21

Social Media Coordinator

Description: The Social Media Coordinator is at the center of social media production and content creation directed to vision care professionals. The company is a virtual workplace environment during and following the pandemic, currently headquartered in Doylestown, PA – candidates will be asked to meet on a recurring basis in the main office when the pandemic recedes, so will need to be based in a nearby geographic location (within 2 hours).

Job responsibilities: Manage multiple sponsored social media projects simultaneously, working directly with clients and internal teams to ensure launches, deadlines, and timelines are met; maintain sponsored social media project calendar; set up and monitor social media ads across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and more; download and analyze social media metrics and deliver to sponsoring organizations and internal management in the near term; assist sales support in deploying automated metrics reporting software to reduce workload; project manage and produce remote videos produced live on social media channels.

Qualifying experience: Candidate must have demonstrated project management skills juggling numerous clients and projects at once. Must demonstrate superior organizational skill, high attention to detail, the ability to multi-task and deliver quality performance on deadline environment. As a central service to many highly educated internal and external customers, the social media administrator should be interpersonally polished, composed and oriented to task completion.

Writing and creative skill demonstrated through recent social media posts on behalf of a commercial entity required. Light video experience is a plus. As a rapidly developing area of business, processes will require ongoing re-evaluation and improvement. Social media data analysis and reporting experience required.

The Opportunity: This is a ground-floor opportunity to build a career in social media by developing expertise in audience engagement and playing a central production role in revenue growth. It places the ideal candidate on the organizational “fast track” with rapid career development. The position will interface with the President and senior management on a routine basis. A Bachelor’s degree is a must.

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