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Ad Operations Specialist

Agency: Crossmedia
Posted: 07.19.21

Ad Operations Specialist

Interested in joining one of the most creative media agencies in the world? ​Crossmedia is a growing communications planning and media services agency with offices in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin and London.  We run a 100% transparent media practice ensuring objectivity and neutrality across all our buys. Our client roster includes US Bank, White Castle, Tommy Hilfiger, The Hartford, Capital Group,, Tinder,  Torrid, PWC and more. 

We are hiring an Ad Operations Specialist to join our Integrated Ops team in our Philadelphia office.



Integrated Ops is a team responsible for the connection of media to technologies and systems for all departments at Crossmedia, to ensure operational efficiencies, quality control and a best in-class, consistent and streamlined way of operating.


Integrated Ops Team Responsibilities:

  • Tools & Terms
  • Planning & Buying Systems
  • Technology & Trafficking


AdOps is a group of ad technology experts, who focus on ad technology and trafficking. They are responsible for digital media execution, measurement pixels application and technology integration for all XM Clients. The AdOps team has detailed standard operating procedures, guidelines,  troubleshooting methodologies and quality control processes spanning all varieties of digital ad trafficking,  pixel application and partner integration.


The AdOps Specialist is responsible for activation requests, some management of team’s the daily work queue.  They work on specific projects in conjunction with the team leadership.  They attend client status meetings and interface with partners and publishers. The AdOps Specialist assists in the training the new members of the AdOps team and are the go-to person for day-to-day ad trafficking.


Specific Responsibilities


Digital ad trafficking across all agency clients

  • Traffic, test, and maintain online, consumer device, and mobile advertising campaigns using Google’s Campaign Manager 360 (CM360).  
  • Participate in integration of additional 4th party partners within CM360 via event tags and URL appendages. 
  • Ensure successful implementation of all digital tags, including those for ad verification (MOAT, IAS) and attribution (C3 Metrics). 
  • Manage client URLs for strategic analytics tagging between CM360, verification, attribution and analytics leads. 
  • Guarantee consistent nomenclature as needed for Datorama and attribution matching 
  • Floodlight and audience creation


Quality assurance & consistency 

  • Adheres to the standardized AdOps operating procedure for all Crossmedia brands
  • Floodlight validation
  • Creative QA 
  • Alert account teams of platform changes, issues and/or troubleshoot as needed. 
  • Follows the QA process for validating and testing ad tags, URLs site pixels and otherwise confirming proper tag implementation. 
  • Troubleshoot any ad creative issues that affect tracking, implementation of floodlights, or reporting.
  • Contribute to documentation relevant to AdOps SOPs, partner nuances and implementation guides
  • Meticulous attention to detail is required. 


Strategy & Leadership 

  • Share responsibility of media plan requirements being correctly implemented, including relevant trafficking, blocklist, verification measures. 
  • Assist in the training of Crossmedians on ad technology or internal processes.
  • Skilled communicator with the ability to translate tech-heavy language to the everyday person.


Systems Knowledge


  • Microsoft Office Suite


  • Google CM360
  • MOAT
  • Integral Ad Science


  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Adobe Launch

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