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DSC Advertising

990 Spring Garden Street
Suite 302
Philadelphia, PA 19123
PH: 215.923.3200

DSC Advertising


When the management of DiLeonardo/Siano and J. Caserta & Associates merged to form DSC Advertising in 2000, their intent was to create an agency that was lean in overhead and rich in experience. One that could quickly respond to their client’s requests. Where there were as few layers as possible between the client and the agency. Oh — and one other key ingredient — a team who would be willing to walk in our clients’ shoes; ride their trucks; stand behind their teller lines. Why? It’s the only way to really become a partner. Together we create successful advertising.

It worked.

We have a few great clients and room for a few more.



Key Contacts

Joe Caserta, CEO/COO ([email protected])
Ken Suman, SVP, Account Management ([email protected])