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03.01.2012Author: Colleen Enuco Posted In: Big Ideas

Get Your Clients Pinterested

BY Colleen Enuco

If you’re not already familiar with, it’s time. Pinterest allows users to share their world through images with just a click aka: pin. Not only is this addictive virtual pinboard a constructive resource for creatives seeking inspiration – it can also be a valuable tool for brands. From helping to sell products and increase brand awareness to offering consumers a more personal look that can add dimension to their brand, it’s hard to find reasons not to get your clients pinterested.

Perhaps the best advice you can offer a client prior to joining Pinterest – much like other social media – is to keep their pins as authentic as possible, hence maintaining brand credibility. Pinning a bunch of pictures of their own products will not be well-received. Instead, suggest pinning what inspires and drives their brand or following other brands that complement theirs.

Ideally a successful brand board would be reflective of their target, meaning if they have a good understanding of their target, their pins would be things that would naturally appeal to their consumers.

Emotional Connection. Encourage brands to show that they’re more than just an athletic shoe manufacturer by pinning images like favorite places to run, complementary athletic wear or recipes that fuel exercise. This is more likely to gain attention (or be re-pinned) and creates more value for consumers because these pins and boards relate to their lifestyle. Not only can this help a brand show how dynamic it is, it will make them appear more human therefore increasing a consumers ability to identify with them.

Easy Integration. To get their feet wet, brands can simply incorporate a “Follow me on Pinterest” button to their website or blog that links consumers to their brand boards. They can also attach “Pin It” buttons below products, visuals or videos featured throughout their site so that fellow Pinteresters can easily add them to their boards.
Social Efficiency. Pinterest is Facebook friendly, which means brands that already have a Facebook page can easily update their account to display pins and boards via their status update. A brand’s ability to cross social media audiences in one fell swoop can efficiently drive engagement and brand awareness.

Pin Value. Analytics will soon be available on the “Pin It” feature that will offer brands insight as to which products, visuals or video have the most “pinability.” This could prove extremely valuable to brands in developing future marketing and advertising initiatives.

Follow Their Lead. To see best Pinterest practices, check out: Etsy, Michaels, Real Simple, Scholastic, Nordstrom, GE and Lowe’s.

And if all this information still hasn’t convinced you that Pinterest could be of value to your client or brand just consider the Chinese proverb, “Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand.” Pinterest both shows and involves. And let’s face it, consumers are more likely to connect with, respond to and share visuals rather than text.

Pinterest for you, cool. Pinterest for brands, now that’s clever!

Colleen Enuco is a copywriter at Backe Digital Brand Marketing and can be reached at


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