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01.28.2012 Posted In: Industry

Cubist Media Group debuts iPad App for Meetings

Cubist Media Group announced that MtgWorks™, our delegate client app, is now approved by Apple and is in the iTunes App Store, available for download. “With this initial milestone behind us, our innovative, interactive meeting solution now goes into a critical period of large-scale testing and hardware integration,” explain John Ballentyne, president of Cubist Media Group. “We lookforward to full deployment in March.”

Developed from years of producing meetings and interactive experiences, MtgWorks™ is
designed to be the perfect meeting companion. For meetings spanning the board room to the
ballroom, MtgWorks™ provides a paperless meeting experience, delivering meeting
information, presentations, polling and audience response tools.

“Watching trends at our customers’ events,” says Ballentyne, “we see the proliferation of iPad
use, an increased demand for delegate engagement, and the trend of greener meetings.
MtgWorks™ has been developed to meet the needs of this new environment.”

“As a meeting presenter, you can deliver interactive presentations directly to your audience,
with a wide range of live polling and quizzing functions, and get instant assessment and realtime
feedback,” notes Project Manager Thom Goertel. “MtgWorks™ is built to facilitate
discussions, brainstorming, and engagement, all from an iPad.”

Lead Developer Dave Maietta adds, “We developed this app to be just as valuable for
delegates—they have instant access to their agendas, speakers’ bios, meeting media, live
presentations, and interactive exercises.”

The MtgWorks™ app offers three user configurations: participant, presenter, and moderator,
and a range of 17 different modes- from venue information, to table talk, to surveys.
Customizable for each client and meeting, the app is also ideal for sponsored events.
The MtgWorks™ app is available for free and can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes App
Store. You must be attending a MtgWorks powered event to use the app. For a demonstration
of how your audience might benefit from a MtgWorks meeting, contact Thom Goertel,

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