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  • 06.18.2012Author: Tusar Barik Posted In: Big Ideas

    Google Targets Small Business…Again

    Google is planning to launch its small business service within the next several months. The company has decided they will offer local businesses a variety of their products to help the small business community advertise in a cost-effective way. Although Google has tried this before and failed, they strongly believe their current offerings will put them over the edge when trying to go after the marketing dollars of the small business sector. Read More

  • 05.18.2012Author: Tusar Barik Posted In: Big Ideas

    Facebook IPO: Juggling Risks and Rewards for Advertisers and Agencies

    With the hype of Facebook’s IPO being announced, many investors are discussing the benefits and threats that come with getting in on the stock. The Internet is packed with stories about why you must buy the stock, why you need to steer clear of it, and everything in-between. As investors are going wild to buy the next hot IPO, many people seem to forget about what helped Facebook make $1 billion in profit last year: advertisers and their agencies. How does the IPO affect these key groups? Read More

  • 04.19.2012Author: John Gilbert Posted In: Big Ideas

    Writing Isn’t Like It Used To Be, And That’s A Good Thing

    A few years ago, this sentence was too long for an ad. Not for just a billboard or a print headline. It was even too long for body copy. Read More

  • 04.19.2012Author: James Griffith Posted In: Big Ideas

    There’s No ‘My’ in Agency

    Let’s talk relationships. Relationships among colleagues, teams, and even businesses. How many times have we talked about the co-existence of Art and Copy, Account and Creative, the Client and the Agency? Read More

  • 04.19.2012Author: Sabastian Pistritto Posted In: Big Ideas

    Helping Patients Adhere to Medication Compliance with Social Media

    The medical industry continues to be challenged when it comes to patient non-adherence to proper medical advice concerning medications. What is clear is that patients today, more than ever, want to better understand their health issues. Read More

  • 04.19.2012Author: Tom Conti Posted In: Big Ideas

    Digital Utility: The New Creative in the World of Shopper Marketer

    I’m sure some of you may be thinking, “We’re a creative shop, why should we care about shopper marketing? That’s way too tactical, too below-the-line for us.” Read More

  • 03.01.2012Author: Ryan Davis Posted In: Big Ideas

    Promotions help brands meet marketing challenges

    Read this article and you can win free marketing services Read More

  • 03.01.2012Author: Colleen Enuco Posted In: Big Ideas

    Get Your Clients Pinterested

    If you’re not already familiar with, it’s time. Pinterest allows users to share their world through images with just a click aka: pin. Not only is this addictive virtual pinboard a constructive resource for creatives seeking inspiration – it can also be a valuable tool for brands. From helping to sell products and increase brand awareness to offering consumers a more personal look that can add dimension to their brand, it’s hard to find reasons not to get your clients pinterested ... Read More

  • 03.01.2012Author: Jim Capanna Posted In: Big Ideas

    Direct Marketing in the 21st Century: It's all about options

    There are many forms of direct marketing, all of which have undergone fundamental changes over time. In order to keep everyone's heads from spinning, we're going to concentrate on direct mail - -contacting consumers directly with information about a product or service, and measuring results. Read More

  • 03.01.2012Author: Steve Wray Posted In: Big Ideas

    It Gets Crowded in Clevertown

    Not long ago, being a digital agency was enough of a differentiator to provide some cachet, particularly among agencies serving the healthcare vertical. Unlike those early days, when we and our digital brethren wished customers would view our role less narrowly, we’re now the beneficiaries of digital’s ascent to the top of the food chain. Read More

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