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10.05.2010 Posted In: Agency

20nine Design Studios Introduces New Agency Model

Nine year-old Philadelphia advertising agency, 20nine Design Studios, is changing its name to 20nine, and positioning itself as the first “Hybrid Agency” in the region. The change will coincide with the company’s new website launch on October 6th.

“We’re not an ad agency, not a design firm or an interactive agency,” quipped 20nine’s founder Greg Ricciardi, as he announced the news. “We’ve been bucking the conventional thinking and practices that traditional agencies utilize for a while now, and we’re excited to introduce our new hybrid model.”

20nine’s new mantra: Produce the best creative thinking and express it in the right media to reap the best results. The hybrid shop, comprised of what Riccairdi refers to as Creative Free Thinkers, Technology Gurus, Heads of State, Production Wizards, Relationship Managers, Tireless New Business Leaders, and a Book Smart Bookkeeper, have decided that their mission is: “to not just look for what’s smart or what’s right, but to look for what’s next.”

Ricciardi explains that 20Nine’s new model is unbiased to media while looking for the best approach to express brand messages. The new model is all about the empowerment of his team, and is focused on critical thinking first, complimented by expert graphic design and innovative strategies that drive home results. “In our new model, everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the strategies and core messages that are critical to our success, and our environment has changed from a productive machine to an inspired think-tank that possesses strategic branding and graphic design skills. Our core focus of brand strategy has not changed, but our ability to express that strategy has changed in a variety of ways. It’s a lot of fun to work here right now!”

Located at 1100 East Hector Street, Suite 305, in Conshohocken, PA, the agency was founded by Greg Ricciardi and his wife, Holly in 2002 focusing on three principles: brand strategy, extraordinary graphic design, and an uncompromising work ethic. Those principles remain as critical elements of the agency’s foundation. “This change is about freedom and evolution. It’s about tearing apart the existing model and opening everyone’s eyes to the fact that the world is changing daily, and we’re hired to participate in that change. Working here is not about being afraid to present imaginative ideas. It’s about building strategies and utilizing the right media that capture the target markets,” remarked Ricciardi.

20nine has worked with over a hundred brands in the Philadelphia region, including Penn Medicine, Tasty Baking Company, Herrs Snack Foods, Drexel University, and The Franklin Institute.

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